Why colocation?

More and more companies abandon the option to bring their servers into an own server- or IT-room and opt for colocation or server housing. They place all their servers or partially in an external data center. With this smart choice you can save a lot of costs, obtain additional flexibility and reduces your risk of technical failure to an absolute minimum.

We offer fully equipped and automated datacenters available with all the necessary power supply backups when the power fails, automatic fire detection and extinguishing and the necessary cooling systems. Also in terms of security our datacenters meets up to the highest standards. Thanks to all these facilities, we guarantee our SLA uptime of 99.999%.

Why colocation of your server?

Colocation or housing of servers offers several different advantages compared to investing in and maintaining your own server- or IT room.

Colocation demands no huge investments

When you choose colocation you share the infrastructure of a fully equipped datacenter, thereby reducing costs significantly.

With colocation All risks are eliminated

We offer a high level of security, emergency power facilities and cooling. Your servers are running in the most secure and optimal conditions.

Colocation is perfectly scalable

Expanding a server room is time consuming and costs a lot. With us, you simply hire more or less racks. You rent according to your needs.

Colocation stands for perfect connectivity

Our professional datacenters have excellent data connections to all telecom operators. This ensures that your data and applications are always perfectly accessible from anywhere.

Colocation means 24/7 surveillance monitoring

In our data centers there is 24/7 automatic and personalized monitoring of security systems. Even physical security with security guards are present.

Datacenter United's certificates & memberships

Our datacenters have received many certificates and are proud members of The Green Grid and subscribers of the European Code of Conduct for datacenters. And it goes without saying that we are extremely proud that we are the only datacenter in Belgium that has received the Tier IV Design certificate from the Uptime Institute.

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