Datacenter United joins the tier 4 data center list

If you are searching for an ambitious datacenter, that is already building for the future needs of the clients, you can stop looking.
Datacenter United already has 9 state-of-the art datacenters in Belgium, offering you the best possible server infrastructure outsourcing service.
But we go beyond. Not only do we have the only Tier IV datacenter in Belgium, we also have a different pricing model for the colocation of your data. One you will appreciate, that we can promise!

The data center of the future

Datacenter United is determined to become the datacenter of the future and has already taken the necessary steps to accomplish that goal.

Making data available with smart and local colocation

Located in the heart of the FLAP area (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris), Datacenter United has 9 fully equipped data centers in Belgium (1 in Brussels, 2 in Antwerp, 1 in Oostkamp, 1 in Ghent, 1 in Burcht, 2 in Hasselt and Kortrijk).

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Our Datacenter services

We strive to be one of the most reliable, resilient and competitive data center companies in Belgium and beyond.


Do you need more rackspace? Is your in-house IT room no longer up to code, or has your company's needs evolved? Our fully equipped datacenters have everything you require to make sure that your data is secure.

Datacenter Support

We have highly skilled staff at your disposal, 24/7, to assist you in any way the can. They are your remote hands & eyes, ready to assist with cabling, removing or installing equipment, tape rotation and all other technical support.

Disaster Recovery Plan

What if it goes wrong? Do you need a data center disaster recovery plan? We can provide up to 60 fully equipped workplaces to get your employees up & running in only a few hours. We ensure your business continuity!

Cloud Connect

The Console Connect platform by PCCW Global assures instant & direct access to all major cloud platforms.

Neutral Data Center

Our datacenters are carrier neutral or network neutral. Offering our clients the freedom of choice.


The Datacenter Infrastructure Management system gives us a clear view of the overall performance levels.
Data center Locations
Square Meters
Racks in use

Request a free tour of our datacenters...

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the operation and management of some of Belgium’s most capable datacenters. Meet our staff that will keep your critical IT infrastructure secure and available and enjoy a cup of excellent java (coffee).

The quality of our Belgian datacenters

With a commitment to reliability, resiliency, and concurrent maintainability in mind, we manage 6 state-of-the-art data centers in Belgium. DataCenter United data centers provide a secure, redundant platform for your servers, telecom equipment, and more ...

We are committed to fiber-rich, carrier-neutral environments that permit redundant, high-performance connectivity options. Our datacenters are equipped with raised floors, climate control, 24/7 security, fire suppression systems, water detection systems, UPS & generators to ensure that our customers data and equipment is safe and secure.

Fire Protection

Our datacenters are working with gas consisting of carbon, hydrogen and fluorine. This eco-system is designed to quickly extinguish a fire without any risk to the equipment or personnel.

Smoke detectors are scattered throughout the facility with respect to the data center floor, offices, and all services and access areas.

24/7 Monitoring

The following parameters are monitored on a 24/7/365 basis: power, alarms, fire protection, temperature, humidity, concentration of dust and air pressure.

A series of checks and tests performed at regular intervals guarantee that both active and stand-by equipment is operational at all times.

Energy Efficient Cooling

Datacenter United uses several types of cooling methods. On the one hand we use chillers and on the other, separate units which can operate autonomously.

Next to this, we also use fresh air coolers for those times when the filtered outside air is sufficiently cold and safe to be used for internal cooling.

This guarantees cooling in the most extreme conditions. This approach combined with other cooling techniques provides the necessary guarantees for a highly sustainable way of cooling.

Intrusion protection

The facilities and all cages and private rooms of our datacenters are secured through a central INERT-certified alarm system utilizes a combination of access badges and PIN codes.

All entrances are equipped with badge readers which provide access control and creates an audit trail of all visitors.

CCTV cameras are installed at all points of entry and cover all sensitive areas within the facility. Additionally a security contractor is engaged to patrol the facility.

Un-Interruptable PowerSupply

Our datacenters have dedicated high voltage cabinets. In the unlikely event of a utility power outage, our facilities are equipped with UPS which will take over, simultaneously turning on a diesel generator.

The entire power system is implemented using state of the art electric switching equipment, and regularly reviewed, tested, and pre-emtively upgraded to allow sufficient margin for unsuspected usage peaks.

Out of concern for the environment, our facilities proudly uses 100% green renewable power.

Carrier Neutral Connectivity

Freedom of choice in network is an important factor when selecting a datacenter.

We have carrier neutral HD data centers, this means that any provider may access the datacenter to deliver services to clients.

You decide on the carrier that provides you with the best deal and services.

Redundancy is a very important aspect, our datacenters have 4 or more separated fiber intros to ensure a 100% reliable network infrastructure.

Datacenter United's certificates & memberships

Our datacenters have received many certificates and are proud members of The Green Grid and subscribers of the European Code of Conduct for datacenters. And it goes without saying that we are extremely proud that we are the only datacenter in Belgium that has received the Tier IV Design certificate from the Uptime Institute.

Accredited Tier Specialist
SGS ISO IEC certificate
SGS ISO 9001 certificate
Ukas Management Systems
Code of conduct datacenters
Member of The Green Grid
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