We are a carrier neutral data center

A carrier neutral data center, also called a network-neutral data  center, is a data center facility that is entirely independent of network providers. Our data centers do not have any affiliation to one network partner, but a wide range of service providers are able to connect to our data center facilities.

Our independence from telecom operators is one of our greatest assets. So you have full freedom to maintain your current telecom operator or choose another one when you migrate. In our neutral data center we adapt the free market allowing you to enjoy the best prices. If required, we will provide you with all the necessary advice. In any case, we assure an outstanding connectivity to every telecom operator.

Benefits of a neutral data center? Redundancy and resilience

There are numerous benefits in choosing a carrier neutral data center, for the more obvious benefit of network neutrality and you choose who you want to directly connect with to better suit your business operation. Businesses looking into carrier-neutral data centers can also seek the benefits of multiple carriers to build redundancy and resilience.

Why should you choose our carrier neutral data centers?

When it comes to receiving cost effective hosting, carrier neutral data centers offer some of the best network prices around. Due to the natural market competition, customers can shop between different network providers to find the lowest price for the best cross connection.

A neutral data center with rooftop access

Customers who wish to install satellite dishes or other communication equipment have access to our data centers roof. Another great example of our flexibility...

Are you a telecom operator?

Interested to become a carrier in one of our datacenters? Contact us today!

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