Datacenter infrastructure management

Datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM) is the convergence of IT and building facilities functions within an organization. The goal of a DCIM initiative is to provide a holistic view of a datacenter's performance so that energy, equipment and floor space are used as efficiently as possible.

With our DCIM service we provide your datacenter or IT-room with real-time monitoring of the physical environment and alert you of any disturbances, such as unauthorized intruders, security breaches, high temperatures, smoke, water leakages, power outages and much more.

Key benefits

  • Enables data collection from multiple systems and protocols, reducing manual efforts
  • Provides monitoring and alarming for facilities with visualization of power, temperature and cooling data for insight, analysis and control
  • Time savings, people productivity, and cost savings
safety system data center

Datacenter United's certificates & memberships

Our datacenters have received many certificates and are proud members of The Green Grid and subscribers of the European Code of Conduct for datacenters. And it goes without saying that we are extremely proud that we are the only datacenter in Belgium that has received the Tier IV Design certificate from the Uptime Institute.

Accredited Tier Specialist
SGS ISO IEC certificate
SGS ISO 9001 certificate
Ukas Management Systems
Code of conduct datacenters
Member of The Green Grid
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