Data center build and design

Properly building and scaling your IT infrastructure requires keen vision, industry experience and careful planning. DataCenter United takes the time to understand your needs to take your environment to the next level. We take into account best practices, industry trends, and your individual needs to produce the most cost-effective platforms with industry-leading performance.

We understand how to optimize your company’s infrastructure utilization and plan for your growth. Care is required to understand how business expansion affects the demands on your technology infrastructure. We move seamlessly between designs for N+1, 2N, Tier 2, 3 or 4 data centers.

The data center construction process begins with a detailed assessment of your unique requirements, including physical and functional.

From this analysis, we produce a quality, constructible design centered on the achievement of our client's business goals. Our vendor neutrality - meaning we're not tied to any manufacturer’s equipment - gives us the flexibility to select the right design, equipment, and partners for our clients data center projects by putting their interests first.

Included in our Build services

  • Load profiles & capacity review
  • Construction & equipment installation
  • Raised flooring & ductwork
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Security & monitoring systems
  • High-Efficiency lighting solutions
  • And more...
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