Only a handful of businesses have a backup plan for when disaster strikes. If your office suddenly becomes unavailable due to unforeseen events, such as a fire or strike, there are so-called disaster recovery workplaces that you can use. When you partner with Datacenter United, you have the option to divert to our recovery center and be up and running in as little as four hours.
Unforeseen bad things can happen to any company. A fire could destroy your office building and its contents in a matter of hours. When disaster strikes, it’s important to take action quickly to prevent further delays and minimise loss of earnings. A Business Continuity Plan that is drawn up in advance can save your business in a time of crisis.

Creating preventative solutions
An agreement that includes the use of disaster recovery workplaces provides a turnkey solution for when things go wrong in your office buildings. The major advantage of disaster recovery workplaces over flexible offices is maximum business continuity.
The disaster recovery workplaces of Datacenter United are linked to external data centers. This allows us to replicate your local IT environment quickly to ensure your business does not go down.

Instant business continuity
Datacenter United’s recovery center does not only boast conference rooms with desks, chairs and printers. Our turn-key solution also ensures your digital telephone exchange, your data, the required connectivity, security settings as well as your servers are safe and accessible instantly. Before you know it, your business will be able to continue as normal with a number of selected employees or entire departments.

Annual emergency exercise
To test your emergency preparedness it is essential to transfer all operations to the recovery data center at least once a year. The annual emergency test is part of our standard agreement. Datacenter United’s specialists are happy to assist you in developing a well-rounded business continuity plan.