A few months ago we started with the works for the install of a 2nd generator in Brussels DC. With this secondary generator we increase the reliability of the system. It helps to ensure 100% uptime for all critical applications.

First step: Preparation of the location A concrete slab had been prepared a few months ago. The slab has a size of 9850mm x 4150mm and a depth of 400mm (concrete was a C35 mix)

Second step: Transport A 10-ton crane picked the generator up in ADC and transported it to BDC (the total weight of the generator and container was 8.5 ton) Generator specs: Brand – Caterpillar Model – 900F Rated Power (prime) – 810.0 KVA, 648 kW Rated Voltage – 400/230v Phase – 3 Rated frequency – 50 hz Rated current – 1169 A Rated R.P.M – 1500 Generator – 9RW04197 Generator connection – S-STAR

Third step: Connect the new gen set to the current infrastructure The final and last step is still on-going. Within a short period of time we will finalize the works so we can bring the gen set up and running and connected to the power boards.