Introducing a New Partnership Between Datacenter United and VanRoey

We are pleased to announce the new partnership between Datacenter United and VanRoey

We are pleased to announce the new partnership between Datacenter United and VanRoey


By combining our core businesses, we are enhancing our service offerings, providing you with greater flexibility in colocation, housing, and all the services our data centers provide. 

Partnering with VanRoey, a trusted technology expert, we streamline your ICT needs, ensuring a secure and future-oriented working environment.

Roel Van Looy (Solutions & Projects Director at VanRoey)  mentioned on the new partnership : "This collaboration is an important step in strengthening our market position. Thanks to Datacenter United's infrastructure, we can offer our customers even better geographical coverage and improved services."


Uptime guarantee of 99.999%

Datacenter United offers significant advantages over maintaining your own local IT infrastructure:

  •     High availability: Tier IV and ISO-certified data centres with an uptime guarantee of 99.999%.

  •     Scalability: Easily scale up as needs grow without large capital investments.

  •     Cost-saving: Lower operational costs through efficient and shared infrastructure.

  •     24/7 Support: Local teams support customers 24/7

  •     Security: Highest security standards, including back-up power supply and automatic fire detection and extinguishing.


What does this mean for you as a customer?

VanRoey and Datacenter United can help you with the following challenges:


Reliable and secure housing of your IT infrastructure. Fully equipped and automated data centres equipped with all necessary back-ups of power supply in case of power failure, automatic fire detection and extinguishing. In terms of security, the data centres also meet the highest standards and guarantee an SLA uptime of 99.999%


Seamless planning and implementation of a data centre relocation. This through tailor-made migration plans that take into account your specific needs and goals guaranteeing minimal downtime to minimise the impact on your business operations.


What if things go wrong? We help you identify potential risks and develop a tailor-made Disaster Recovery Plan with regular backups to secure your data. This way, we once again guarantee the continuity of your business operations.

About VanRoey

VanRoey is the trusted partner of choice for businesses, healthcare institutions, schools, and governments for nearly three decades. Specializing in hybrid and cloud infrastructure, security solutions, storage, networking, and internet services, they also provide efficient productivity applications like Dynamics 365 and Office 365. Their comprehensive Managed Services ensure peace of mind by managing and maintaining your IT environment seamlessly.

Read more about VanRoey here.


Do you want to know more about this new partnership, or are you interested in discussing a potential partnership with Datacenter United, we are there to help you!

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✔ Is your data carbon neutral and sustainable? 
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✔ Is Regulation a constraint for you or not?

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