Looking at the absolute growth in periods of five years, we see more than doubling in size in all areas towards 2023. AI and cloud are the major drivers of growth of digital infrastructure. The rise of IoT, in terms of the amount of connected devices, and the ever increasing data use leads to demand of faster networks, edge computing, growing super hubs and larger hyperscales.

Lower latency, better proximity, distributed computing and tighter security are key to serve the digital transformation which is becoming the number one driver of our global economy.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, a whopping 80% of all enterprises will shut down their traditional inhouse and on-premise data centers. They see that currently, 10% of organizations already have done this.

Current and future workloads will be based on business reasons (e.g., customer engagement, GDPR-regulations) and not on technology reasons. Because of this shift, enterprises increasingly decide to move their on-premise activities to data centers. One of the focus points for colocation is sustainability. We need to look ahead and further improve our efficiency. Additionally, further efforts need to be made to reuse data center waste heat.