Driving SUSTAINABILITY initiatives - Edge datacenters for an sustainable and efficient IT infrastructure

Friso Haringsma, Xavier Warnier and Bart Stevens of  Datacenter United share their views and ideas about Transforming the Digital Landscape through Green IT and Sustainable Data Centers. 

Friso Haringsma, Xavier Warnier and Bart Stevens of  Datacenter United share their views and ideas about Transforming the Digital Landscape through Green IT and Sustainable Data Centers. 


👉Did you know that bringing your compute power closer to the end-users substantially reduces your carbon footprint?

👉 How can my Infrastructure redefine sustainability in the Datacenter United context with 8 Live proximity datacenters?

👉How edge IT distribution model can improve my Security?

👉 What is the impact of Edge Datacenter on my telecom network?

In the first sustainability chapter we were thrilled to bring you some insights of how we tackle and answer some questions regarding the use of renewable energy, the way we handle with the newest innovations to build efficient datacenters and implement the newest trends in equipment and why the on-prem datacenters could be an obstacle to reduce CO2 by 2030. In this new chapter we will give our vision about the advantages of a distributed IT infrastructure close to the end users and business needs in an Edge datacenter configuration.

Indeed, asking these questions can provide you insights into the environmental impact of your IT infrastructure, data or datacenter and help you guide efforts towards a more sustainable and eco- friendly approach.

Proximity is the key:

Placing IT infrastructure in Edge datacenters brings the computing resources closer to end-users; this is a fact. This proximity significantly reduces latency, ensuring faster response times and an overall improved user experience. Applications and services can be delivered with minimal delays, making it an ideal solution for latency-sensitive industries such as gaming, finance, and real-time analytics. Many Edge datacenters are strategically located to use and implement renewable energy sources. Often in locations where it’s easier to build solar panel farms, place windmills, use local sustainable initiatives than in the major big cities, the so called Tier I cities. This allows IT companies to use this clean energy for their operations, further contributing to the adoption of green IT practices. The combination of energy-efficient infrastructure and reliance on renewable sources positions Edge datacenters as a sustainable solution for organizations aiming to align their operations with environmental efforts.

8 Locations live:
Our 8 Edge datacenters are designed to be highly efficient in terms of energy consumption (ref. chapter 1 ).
By decentralizing computing resources, companies can optimize their infrastructure to match the demand more precisely. This results in reduced energy waste, as only the necessary resources are utilized, ultimately lowering the carbon footprint associated with data processing. This model of distribution of data close to the user or the company's headquarters has also a major impact on travel distance of your operational teams and the time for intervention. However, you could use our “Smart hands services” to ensure the 24/7 support and prevent any service disruptions.

Network and security:
Edge computing and datacenters help to lower network congestion. This optimal bandwidth utilization not only improves the overall performance of applications but also reduces the tension on network infrastructure. IT companies can achieve higher efficiency in data transmission, leading to cost savings and a more resilient network architecture. Moreover, they also could directly use more local Telco providers to leverage some unique services for their customers.
On a security side, Edge computing offers improved security by distributing computing resources across multiple locations on a shorter distance. This decentralized architecture minimizes the impact of potential security breaches. In the event of a localized incident, the effects are limited to a specific edge location or region, preventing a widespread compromise of data and systems. Enhanced security measures in Edge datacenters make them an attractive choice for safeguarding critical corporate information.

To conclude, the world moves fast towards a smarter way of doing things with decentralized computing (where things are spread out instead of piled up in one place), Edge datacenters are becoming key of the digital world. They're not just a trend; they're becoming the go-to solution for businesses looking to upgrade their IT game. So, yes, placing your IT equipment in (our) Edge datacenters is not just a tech-savy move; it's a step into the future of how we all do things online and evolve.

“Energy efficiency not only aligns with corporate social responsibility but also contributes to long-term sustainability goals.”

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