If you opt for an independent, external data center instead of an on-site server room or a data center that is tied to a particular network provider or software vendor, you can save significantly on telecom costs. Depending on your network provider, you can benefit from high bandwidths at minimum cost. This blog explains how and why.

Opting for an on-site server room means you have only a limited number of network providers to choose from. You will probably be asked to make your choice from a select group of large and well-known players. That’s all the options there are.
Limiting choice leads to higher costs and less service flexibility. In addition, there is also the risk of vendor lock-in: excessive dependence on network providers.
However, a dedicated, private line between your company and an independent, external data center allows you to choose between dozens of other network providers. This gives you a much stronger competitive position, enabling you to purchase data center storage under far better – and cheaper – conditions. This solution is not only cheaper, it also means your data is protected better.

In addition, you are assured of excellent connectivity and very high bandwidths at an attractive price. Choosing a data center that is tied to a particular service provider only increases your dependency. So is it vital to work with an external, independent and carrier-neutral data center.
Independent players search for the best solution

CThere are multiple independent players that help companies find a telecom provider that offers the best rate and can guarantee the quality you require. These companies analyse your current costs and request company-specific quotes from various telecom providers. They then offer tailor-made advice on the best and least expensive option for your situation.

This will allow you to dramatically reduce your telecom expenses without having to spend a lot of time searching for the cheapest solution. Of course, this only applies if you opt for an independent, external data center, not if you build an on-site IT room or choose a data center that is tied to a network provider. Would you like to know more? Then please contact us.

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