An external data center is not only a secure and reliable option for the collocation of your servers and associated storage capacity. Most data centers – and certainly the two data centers of Datacenter United – offer a wide range of additional related services. We have summed up the most important services in this blog for your convenience.
External data centers offer a safe and secure operating environment in a stable location with a low risk of disaster thanks to fire alarm and smoke detection and climate control (e.g. cooling and humidity control) measures. But there are also a number of additional advantages that make external data centers an attractive alternative to on-site server rooms.

Ideal environment for your servers
Computers have to be kept in a specific environment to function efficiently. Conditions such as temperature and humidity can damage the performance and reduce the life of your equipment. In addition to providing the perfect environment for your servers, data centers also have various detection systems in place to identify problems before they occur, such as state-of-the-art measuring systems that detect even the slightest overheating problem. This means solutions are found before problems can surface.

Maximise energy efficiency
Another advantage is the fact that external data centers are energy efficient. Data centers are constantly looking for ways to increase energy efficiency so they can keep the energy bill down. A lot of data centers are also tackling their carbon footprint by using carbon-neutral energy. So making use of an external data is a way for you to reduce the ecological footprint of your company.

Remote hands & eyes
Remote hands & eyes is a service offered by external data centers. This service allows you to rely on data center staff for various remote hands and eyes tasks. For example, you can utilise the staff for technical support or troubleshooting, patching, cabling, replacing hard disks, installing equipment, as well as stockage of parts. Tape rotation and tape vaulting, which allows you to make backups of your data, is also part of the remote hands & eyes service

Sharing expertise
In many cases, the expertise of data centers can also be used to audit IT or server rooms in order to keep them operating at peak performance. Which actions and investments are necessary to increase reliability and reduce risks? What is required to achieve certification, such as a GDPR compliance certificate?

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