Uptime Institute Certification


The Tier 4 data center, for which Datacenter United received design certification from the Uptime Institute in the spring of 2021, is currently under construction. Soon the datacenter will be there in reality and the final approval will follow.
This way, the Tier 4 data center list is extended with the only Tier 4 data center in Belgium!


Watch the progress of the works.

Why a Tier IV datacenter ?

U.S.-based consulting and auditing firm Uptime Institute has created an international rating system that indicates the degree of guaranteed redundancy of a data center. Service levels range from Tier I to the ultimate Tier IV.

A Tier IV certified environment provides the most optimal protection for the data placed in it and offers the highest guarantees regarding data redundancy. The higher the guarantees at the infrastructure layer, the more guarantees can be offered to the end users.

This is of great importance for the larger cloud and telco providers, but also for companies with high market visibility such as e-commerce platforms, or companies that work with critical data such as governments, healthcare providers, banks and the military.

The Tier IV certification thus indicates the highest level of security possible for data centers today. Datacenter United is the only data center in Belgium with this certificate, and therefore the safest in Belgium. Even in Europe there are only a few data centers that can reach this high level of service and security.


Tier 4 data center design by Datacenter United

See how Datacenter United is shaping its Tier IV data center:

Would you like to know whether our Tier IV data center could also be of interest to your company ?

Contact Friso Haringsma:  [email protected] +32(0)3 369 369 0


Did you also know that Datacenter United and Console Connect by PCCW Global provide on-demand connectivity to data centers in Antwerp and Brussels ?

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