If you decide make use of an external data center instead of having an on-site server room, it is extremely important that you choose the right data center for your business. In this blog we have listed four crucial factors to consider to help you make the right choice.

1. Choose an independent and carrier-neutral data center.
A carrier-neutral data center provider gives you the freedom to choose any network provider that suits your business requirements. There is no risk of vendor lock-in. If you opt for a data center that is tied to a software distributor, you end up being fully dependent on this party.
With an independent data center you are free to choose the network provider that offers the best conditions and service. And if you are no longer satisfied, you can simply switch providers. This is not possible with a data center that is tied by a particular network provider or software vendor.
The world of IT is an ever changing place with constant innovation, so it’s very important to safeguard this freedom.

2. What certifications does the data center have?
There are various types of certifications that demonstrate quality and excellence in the services that data centers provide. Many companies believe that sustainability – energy efficiency, use of carbon
There are also data security and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) certifications. If your external data center meets these standards, this means that you also comply.
The third type of certification focuses on internal structure and company procedures. If these comply with the applicable rules and standards, you can be sure that the data center has the required quality level in terms of reliability, performance and service.

3. Opt for maximum connectivity.
Connectivity within the data center is critical. Check what network providers the data center offers access to and inform about costs and possibilities. This will allow you to purchase the bandwidth you require at the best price.

4. Price and flexibility
This brings us to the final but crucial factor to take into account in your choice of data center: price and flexibility. Can the data center handle the future needs of your company? How much extra space do they have available? You don’t want to have to switch partners in a few years because your data center has reached full capacity.
Another important factor is pricing structure. Do you want to go for fixed prices or is a pay-as-you-use pricing structure more beneficial for you? It is especially important to tailor the pricing structure to your specific situation and needs.

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