Would your rather keep your data center on-site or collocate your servers in a remote location? Many companies struggle with this question. In this blog, we give you two important reasons why you should outsource your business data: security and risk reduction.
Many people think it’s important to keep business data close to the source in an on-site server room to ensure optimal availability and accessibility. But this is a misconception. If you opt for an external data center with excellent connectivity, the accessibility of your business data is much greater.

Continuous follow-up of critical parameters
Most local server rooms do not or hardly comply with the requirements for safe and secure data storage. By this we mean fire safety requirements, as well as cooling, power and humidity control requirements. At external data centers these parameters are continuously followed up, and certificates are issued to ensure that your business data is stored in a secure environment. In short, external data centers have strict procedures in place to protect your data.

100% professionals
Data centers are managed by qualified professionals who are fully dedicated to ensuring the smooth and correct running of the facility. Constant efforts are made to improve performance and security. As a result, data centers can guarantee an uptime of up to 99.999%. No on-site server room can match this.

Flexibility and scalability
Another benefit of outsourcing your business data is flexibility and scalability. At an external data center, solutions are on-demand. This means that you only pay for what you need, no more or no less. If you need more space, then you can scale up. So with an external data center, your server room always has the right capacity: not too big and not too small.

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