Many companies are faced with the same dilemma: should we opt for an external data center or keep our servers on-site? In this blog we present five advantages of outsourcing IT systems to an external data center.

1. Ultimate flexibility with an external data center

Collocating your servers in a data storage facility gives your company ultimate flexibility. You only rent the space (racks or cages) you need. And you only pay for what you use, no more or no less. An on-site IT or server room does not offer this flexibility. Building and equipping an on-site server room requires a huge investment, which may prove inefficient due to unused space.

2. Scalability

As your business changes and grows, your IT needs may change as well. If you opt for your own server room, there is a limit to the capacity of that space. This does not apply to an external data center. If you opt for an external data center, you won’t be confronted with bottlenecks throughout your company’s growth stages. If you need more rack or cage space, you can simply rent it.

3. Maximum connectivity

Unlike on-site server rooms, external data centers provide connectivity to all network providers. In addition, you are assured of very high bandwidths at a significantly lower price. Having an on-site server room with a similar level of connectivity requires a much bigger investment.

4. More guarantees and less risk

Data centers are built and maintained in accordance with set procedures, which are linked to acquired certificates. Because customers are much less exposed to all sorts of risks, data centers can offer very high uptime guarantees. Datacenter United, for example, guarantees an uptime of 99.999%. These high uptimes guarantees have a direct effect on the price you charge your customers and suppliers.

5. Higher cost efficiency

External data centers have professional cooling and heating systems and sophisticated fire suppression systems. As it’s their core business, external data centers are more cost effective (and less risky) compared to on-site server rooms operated by an organisation’s own IT staff. Outsourcing to an external data center also frees up time and money for companies to focus on their core business.

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