A few weeks ago, at DataCenter United, we held our first “Empowering Data Event” with the theme: Data Empowerment in the Era of Innovation: Unleashing the Potential in a Cutting-Edge Environment!

It was an absolute success. Our different keynote speakers delivered some interesting insights, delivered by none other than Saskia Van Uffelen, a visionary from the Agoria organization, who painted a captivating portrait of our digital society’s boundless possibilities. Bringing a common goal we also share at Datacenter United, “Technology for a better future”!
Her words not only resonated but also ignited a collective spark of inspiration!

And then, Ivo Veerman took center stage, Sales Director at Eurofiber InfraCloud, explaining the importance of Connectivity and infrastructure in digital transformation and the corporate IT landscape. The Impact of Exponential growth data, Cloud Adoption is rising (CSP’s), Stronger Requirements (from government), data governance, Sustainability impact all companies and organizations today. According to Ivo, in 2027, 75% of organizations will have digitally transformed. Network and Cloud-based solutions are increasing in complexity; to manage it, you need to think differently. Therefore, they tackle this with Connectivity Cloud Hubs where connectivity is the foundation.

Then came Fabrice Sancho, CEO of Ericsson Inc, to break down the mysteries of 5G and upcoming challenges. 5G will be an incredible journey in the future of connectivity, computing, digitalization and opening new innovations and technological horizons. In a nutshell, it will bring much more reliability than WI-FI, more bandwidth than 4G, and guarantee Low Latency.

Arnaud Bacros, CEO of Dell Technologies, took the stage as the closing speaker. He took us on a tour of Dell Technologies’ vision of the future. The aim is to bring some solutions to leverage all the power of Edge computing, storage, and all of this new activity and challenges at the edge.

This particular event ended with a tour of the only Belgian Tier IV datacenter and a nice Rum & Cigar tasting.

This event and tour took place during one of the major and impactful shutdowns of the Grid this day. Power was interrupted in almost all of the Economic Port of Antwerp region as a result of a fire in one of the power infrastructure (cabine)of Fluvius. Likely without any injuries!

Did you know that one hour of shutdown results in major data and financial loss? This is estimated to be an average amount of 300K per hour. 

According to “Gazet van Antwerpen“: Antwerp Container Company, located on Kranenweg in the Antwerp port, is one of the many businesses affected by the power outage. “We can’t handle our truckers at the moment,” says CEO Carlo Lambrechts. “About 80% of our operations are at a standstill. While we do have some generators, they’re not sufficient to power the entire company.” The power outage is costing the company a considerable amount of money. “However, I can’t estimate the exact amount right now,” Lambrechts states.

“The damage incurred by businesses due to this power outage is substantial,” says Pieter Leuridan, spokesperson for Voka-Antwerpen. “Not for the large companies with extensive backup systems, but rather for the many other businesses that lack such resources. Voka has been advocating for some time to ensure these companies are not confronted with power shortages. This outage provides a glimpse of what they’ll face in a few years if nothing is done about it.”

Fortunately, at Datacenter United, we are fully redundant in our infrastructure and facilities and could avoid this problem. We made this event happen even without power in the region and kept our customers up and running for more than 24 hours.

Ensuring business continuity for our customers is our mission.

Once again, we show with our dedicated and motivated team that our customers can trust on our reliability!

Stay posted for the next one, with the hope that there will not be a major outage anymore!

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