Growing demand for computing power is driving data center efforts. Some countries are boosting its computing power and have become a prominent nation in terms of supercomputer volume.

As per the data published by China continues to rise and now has 227 supercomputers in the top 500 list. The US was a distant second at 113 supercomputers on the global list.

Moreover, with larger enterprises looking to scale up their data centers to ensure stability and reliability of data services, as the application of 5G, wearable devices, internet of things, and artificial intelligence spurs a burgeoning demand for computing power.

For instance, Alibaba Cloud has recently completed the construction of three super data centers. Together, they provide enough space to host one million additional servers. Recently the company announced that it was planning to spend USD 28.2 billion on its cloud infrastructure over three years. The expansion was said to be driven by the increased demand for digital resources resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has increased data usage in Europe as well.

According to a report on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the entertainment industry movie industry was severely hit by the pandemic. The online entertainment market, including TV and streaming platforms, were booming as people were confined to their homes. As the countries gradually emerge and recover from its Coronavirus lockdown, it’s clear that video streaming, e-commerce, games, and other businesses that rely on datacenters will be in more substantial positions.

The whole nation was locked down from early March 2020 until today, partly or fully relied on e-commerce and home delivery, but the occasional breakdowns meant that, once the pandemic is safely over, the new investment will follow.

The proliferation of mobile payment systems has been a lightning rod in fueling the demand for data center infrastructures for these E-commerce company. Moreover, to reduce overall operational complexity while increasing flexibility, scaling, and efficiency, datacenters are extensively used in the e-commerce industry.

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