"Data Empowerment in the Era of Innovation: Unleashing the Potential in a Cutting-Edge Environment"

In today’s rapidly evolving world, data has emerged as a pivotal asset, driving innovation, informing decision-making, and propelling organizations towards success. However, to truly maximize the potential of data, it is crucial to empower it within a cutting-edge environment. This comprehensive guide aims to equip you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to unleash the power of your data in an ever-changing technological landscape. Discover how to navigate the challenges, embrace emerging trends, and leverage cutting-edge tools and techniques to elevate your data-driven initiatives to new heights.

This exclusive event let us investigate the experiences of participants and share some best practices and insights . Interaction is key here, this is why we are keeping the number of participants limited for this session.

Meet the speakers

Here is a preliminary list of the speakers who will participate in the debate:

Program June 29

XClusive:At 5 PM you will have the unique opportunity to take a tour in little groups in the facilities of Datacenter United. This way, you can see our Tier IV datacenter with your own eyes. In addition, Friso Haringsma will be happy to tell you about his ambitions to lay the digital foundations for the future.


The number of places for this unique event is limited, so be sure to register by filling out the form below. We will confirm your invitation! 

    Saskia Van Uffelen
    Manager Digital & BeTheChange Agoria

    Technological innovation for a better and more sustainable society. How we commit today to sustainable change that will be the decisive factor for the future of our companies.




    Jan-Michiel Berkel
    CEO CLOUD INFRA a Eurofiber Company

    Fabrice Sancho – 

    CEO Ericsson BELUX

    Why 5G is the only wireless connectivity solution to address enterprise business and mission critical use cases : leveraging on some use cases, the reliability and security dimensions will be developed!

    Arnaud Bacros-

    CEO DELL Technologies Belgium 

    The edge is where data is acted on near its point of creation to generate immediate, essential value. Where you find your edge depends on your perspective, on your business. We want to simplify edge to generate more value when speed matters leveraging our extensive experience and broad portfolio. We help you generate insights where you need them, consolidate as you expand, and bring intrinsic security to the edge.

    Xavier Warnier 

    CCO Datacenter United

    Embracing the Future: Trends and Innovations

    • Exploring emerging technologies shaping the data empowerment landscape (e.g., blockchain, edge computing)
    • Impact and rôle of the datacenters on the economy and digital landscape
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