Colocation options at Datacenter United

With 9 data centers in Belgium, Datacenter United is able to offer several colocation services to its clients. Depending on the needs, one can opt for colocation by renting a server rack:

  1. in a shared environment, whether or not using the multi-data center solutions for added security
  2. in a private cage or private room
  3. through a containerized datacenter

Server rack rental

Datacenter United offers 3 types of racks, though all of them feature two independent power feeds and an optional Internet connection.

Server colocation: Choose a low density rack, a high density rack or a 3 phase rack according to your needs.

Those who rent a full server rack enjoy the most flexibility:

  • Pay a fixed price per rack, monthly.
  • Watch over your power and Internet usage yourself and thus determine how much you pay. 
  • Or choose an all-in formula with a fixed price per month for your energy consumption.

Server Colocation in one

Opt for a rack in a shared environment, but with a guarantee of a high level of security and 24/7 surveillance monitoring.

Those who need an increased level of security can also take advantage of our multi-data center solutions. Our multi-data center setup guarantees you the ultimate security of your IT infrastructure. By using multiple of our 9 available data centers, your data is available fast and efficiently thanks to redundant fiber connections.

Datacenter Interconnection via DCinterconnect

When your server is located in one of our 6 data centers, it can be connected to other environments or data centers through a data center interconnection. For this you can use our own product DCinterconnect or the products of one of our many partners. By using a third data center as backup, you are optimally assured of the security of your data.

Customized solutions

Contact us for advice or for a customized solution for setting up a multi-data center solution, tailored to your business. Our specialists and our partners are at your disposal to set up and maintain a secure connection.

Need for extra security

Does your company need a redundant set-up to fully meet the requirements? This is also possible via our Internet access. Moreover, our multi-data center solution offers an answer to your disaster recovery plan and you can secure your data via our own products, in a very cost-efficient way.

If you manage sensitive data or have extra high demands regarding security and privacy, you may decide to house your server in a private cage or private room in one of the 9 DCU data centers. Your servers will be housed in our server racks in a separate room in our data center. Depending on the option chosen, the space is separated by a fence or by walls.

Only your company’s users have access to this locked space and 24/7. So you get a higher level of security and your operators have the privacy they need to carry out their activities.

Increased security

As in the rest of our data centers, your servers run under the most secure and optimal conditions. That means we guarantee a high level of security, emergency power supplies and cooling.

Scalable colocation

Expanding a server room is expensive and time-consuming. Renting more or fewer server racks is super easy. You pay for the space you use and change the size according to your needs.

Colocation with 24/7 monitoring

In our data centers, there is 24/7 automatic and customized monitoring of security systems, power feeds, temperature, … by technically qualified personnel. This way we ensure that all servers are always running under the most optimal conditions.

Datacenter United even has the ability to house your servers in a Containerized Data Center (CDC), which will be located on your own premises and can be equipped with all possible, even extreme, requirements.

The need for containerized data centers evolved with the demand for additional capacity and faster deployment. In 6-8 weeks, your company can have a CDC that has been optimized in terms of Power and Density, so that you can adjust the capacity of your physical infrastructure as needed.

Colocation prices are therefore flexible and adaptable to the needs of your business. Ask for a free quote below.

Containerized datacenter

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