Tier IV Datacenter is under construction

Uptime Institute Certification . The Tier 4 data center, for which Datacenter United received design certification from the Uptime Institute in the spring of 2021, is currently under construction. Soon the datacenter will be there in reality and the final approval will follow.This way, the Tier 4 data center list is extended with the only […]

TINC expands with an investment in Datacenter United

TINC expands its portfolio of digital infrastructure with an investment in the Belgian company Datacenter United TINC, the Euronext Brussels-listed infrastructure investor, is expanding its digital infrastructure presence with a participation in Datacenter United, a provider of data storage and related services with data centers in Antwerp and Brussels.

Round table discussion Data centers

The need for data centers is only increasing Data is considered to be the new oil of the Digital Economy. Applications must be available anytime, anywhere. Everyone agrees on that. But how does the most ideal solution look like behind the scenes? Do you prefer an on-premise infrastructure? A local data center partner? Is everything […]

What would happen if your office burns down or your buildings become unavailable?

an office building that goes down in flames

Only a handful of businesses have a backup plan for when disaster strikes. If your office suddenly becomes unavailable due to unforeseen events, such as a fire or strike, there are so-called disaster recovery workplaces that you can use. When you partner with Datacenter United, you have the option to divert to our recovery center […]

New generator in Brussels Datacenter

the installation of a new generator at Brussels data center

A few months ago we started with the works for the install of a 2nd generator in Brussels DC. With this secondary generator we increase the reliability of the system. It helps to ensure 100% uptime for all critical applications. First step: Preparation of the location A concrete slab had been prepared a few months […]

Gartner predicts: European datacenters may double in 5 years

logo Gartner

Looking at the absolute growth in periods of five years, we see more than doubling in size in all areas towards 2023. AI and cloud are the major drivers of growth of digital infrastructure. The rise of IoT, in terms of the amount of connected devices, and the ever increasing data use leads to demand […]

Install of new corridor in Brussels Datacenter


To support the continuous growth, a new colocation room has been set-up in our Brussels Datacenter. This area will be added to the existing shared space for our customers. Room has been prepared for 16 colocation racks of various dimensions. The area has been installed using the very efficient way of cooling by means of […]

Antwerp and Brussels Datacenter not in outage plan

As you have probably heard in the news the Belgian government has worked out an outage plan in order to guarantee the continuous supply of electricity during cold winter times. You can rest assured that both the locations of Brussels DC (Zaventem) and Antwerp DC are not listed in the outage plan of the government. […]

Antwerp Data Connectivity Day !

Antwerp by night

Antwerp Datacenter and Arcadiz teamed up recently to host a workshop on Thursday 28 March 2019 on secure connectivity suiting the specific connectivity and data center needs of the business. In a morning and afternoon session we had 25 attendees from various small and major companies. Besides the technical briefings by Arcadiz experts, attendees were able to […]

Revamp op the Antwerp Data center building

drawing of a data center

The last couple of years we mainly worked on the engine of the data center. Adding an extra UPS, a couple of gen sets, a lot of cooling units, training our staff and adding new colocation areas. All those relate to the inside of the heart of the data center… our engine to say this […]