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The foundation of our high-performing business Datacenter United: A team with a Clear vision


At Datacenter United we believe that a strong team is the foundation of our high-performing business and a good team ethic can be held largely accountable for the success and smooth running of our organization. With over a 100 years of digital transformation experience, we understand the chemistry of what makes effective innovation tick!


Physical protection against the elements, theft or fire protection are standard. Our 99,999% uptime guarantee is rock-solid.


Flexibility is key. We understand this and scale up or down with your need along the way.


If you are looking for guarantees, you have come to the right place. We have all the right certifications and a flawless track record to support your business.


Contracting with local Belgian entities assure the Belgian jurisprudence. You are not a number and our local teams support you 24/7.

Supported by TINC, as long term partners

TINC is a listed investment company that invests in companies active in realizing and operating infrastructure. TINC holds a diversified portfolio of participations in public-private partnerships, energy partnerships, and demand-driven infrastructure in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Ireland. This portfolio generates cash flows that are sustainable over the long term and forms the basis of TINC’s dividend policy. The holdings are actively managed by an experienced team of investment and infrastructure professionals with offices in Antwerp and The Hague. TINC has been listed on Euronext Brussels since May 12, 2015.
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