Logo Antwerp DC, the data center in Antwerp with a Tier 4 certificate

99.999% uptime... 0.001% failure caused by superhero combat damage

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Bring your very own IT or server room to Antwerp DC, the only Tier IV datacenter in belgium

reduce risk and save money

No more continuous investments in your in-house server- or IT rooms. At our Antwerp datacenter, you pay via a monthly fee only what you really need. You choose for a fully scalable solution, this ensures that you will never encounter capacity problems or struggle with overcapacity.

No more risks with your own cooling systems, uninterruptible power supplies or fire detection. Our Tier 4 datacenter is equipped with the best multiple safety features. Through our SLA's you can count on 99.999% uptime.

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Managing director Friso Haringsma talks about the benefits, state-of-the-art infrastructure, services and our insane uptime guarantees of the Antwerp datacenter.

Friso Haringsma director of DataCenter United
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About our Antwerp datacenter

TIER 4 datacenter: Uptime Institute Certified

Our Antwerp datacenter is the first and only in Belgium with a Tier IV certificate awarded by the Uptime Institute. It recognizes that we provide the highest level of security for data and always guarantee business continuity. There are only a few data centers in Europe that have received this prestigious certification.

ISO 27001:2013

By implementing the information security management system, Antwerp DC proves to his customers that it means business when it comes to security and the implementation of it.

Code Of Conduct

Antwerp DC is a code of conduct participant. This means that the data center is actively reducing the overhead usage of electricity and proactively advising clients.

Interested in our data center?

We are happy to give you a free personal tour. (our great coffee is also free :))

Logo Antwerp DC, the data center in Antwerp with a Tier 4 certificate

99.999% uptime... 0.001% failure caused by clumsy astro(nots)

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red cubes
red cubes
Logo Antwerp DC, the data center in Antwerp with a Tier 4 certificate

99.999% uptime... 0.001% failure caused by cavemen chewing on power cables

Caveman nibbling on cables

Yes we can offer data center services

State-of-the-art data center

Technically our data center at Antwerp belongs to the absolute top. Our security, emergency power facilities, cooling and fire protection are foreseen to all calamities.

Independent from telecom operators

You decide on the carrier that provides you with the best deal and services. Through multiple fiber entry's we ensure a 100% reliable network infrastructure.

Accessible to you 24/24

You or your employees have, with our automated individual security system and without any additional cost, free physical access at any time to your servers.


We excel in flexibility. This applies both to the number of units, racks, cages or rooms that you need and the contractual periods and billing formulas. Fully customizable to your needs you get the right proposal.

Extra services on request

On request we perform optional services for you, transparent and charged per quarter. Make use of our highly trained and experienced technicians to provide assistance for 'remote hands or eye' tasks or tape/storage rotations.

Assistance with migration

We assure you, at no extra cost, all the support required for the physical migration of your servers to our data center. Due to a clear roadmap and planning everything will go without any problems.

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Get a glimpse of Antwerp DC

More images and specs available on request...

Logo Antwerp DC, the data center in Antwerp with a Tier 4 certificate

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Haïfastraat 6, 2030 Antwerpen

  • commercial:+32 (0)3 369 36 90
  • technical:+32 (0)3 369 36 94
  • billing: +32 (0)3 369 81 77
  • [email protected]
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